Surgical onco surgery is basically the specialization of surgery

Onco Surgery

Surgical onco surgery is basically the specialization of surgery dedicated to oncological medicine; it deals specifically with the treatment of cancerous tumors, particularly cancer. There are several types of Onco Surgery, such as endocrine surgery (for treating tumors in the testes) and prostate surgery (for treating prostate tumors). In this article, we will look at the general Oncology.


Oncogenesis. Oncogenesis is an area of medical science that deals with the causes and evolution of cancers, their treatment and prevention. The main goal of Oncogenesis is the prevention and cure of cancer. It seeks to develop new therapies for cancer treatment, development and maintenance.


Oncological Oncology. Oncological Oncology is a part of Oncogenesis. It specializes in the study of different types of cancers and their possible causes and treatments. It includes the study of the tumor cells, their origins and metastasis, and the various ways that these tumors are able to spread, and what they do once they spread.


Malignant Tumors. Malignant tumors, such as those found in the bone marrow and lymphatic system, are considered malignant. They are very aggressive and difficult to treat. Oncologists try to diagnose malignant tumors with the help of various tests and techniques. These tests include blood tests, tissue tests, and imaging tests.


Cancer of the Lungs. This is also known as pulmonary Oncology. It deals mainly with the prevention and treatment of pulmonary tumors (cancer that occurs in the lungs). It is not as common as the others but still exists.


Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is used to treat tumors by using medicines or chemicals. Chemotherapy is usually used to treat cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy also uses the same approach used to treat cancer. Chemotherapy is basically the use of drugs or medicines to kill cancer cells or to block the production of new cells. There is also another type of onco surgery that uses surgery, called Chemoepheresis. {or Chemotherapy through inhalation of drugs into the airways. This is also known as Chemotherapy.


Radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is used to treat certain forms of cancers that have no other treatment available. It can be used to treat both soft tissues and solid tumors. The main objective of radiation therapy is to destroy the tumor and prevent it from growing back.


Prostatectomy. This is a procedure used to treat tumors in the prostate. It involves removing the gland and removing the surrounding tissue. This helps to eliminate the cause of the cancer and to reduce the risk of cancer returning. It is only recommended for very small prostate cancer.


Oncology is a special field that deals with the medical side effects of cancer. It helps in identifying the cause of the cancer and treating it. It also helps in the prevention of further cancer attacks.

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